Avant-Garde Omakase Fine Dining

Sushi MAHANA is a unique fine dining restaurant that serves Japanese Omakase-style sushi made from both local and imported ingredients, handmade by Chef Hiroshi Hoshiko. We strive to provide the best in North Shore fine dining and an experience distinct from other famous high-end restaurants.

MAHANA offers Kyushu-style sushi, meaning that we use a variety of ingredients to highlight and enhance the flavours in the fish. This one-of-a-kind blend of flavours sets us apart from other high-end sushi restaurants: We offer a new take on Omakase sushi, hand-selecting local ingredients to create a sustainable and singular dining experience that changes with the seasons.

Japanese Sushi Omakase

Omakase is a truly unique form of luxury dining; each piece of sushi is handcrafted in front of you; each piece is bespoke and every second is immersive. You can watch each piece of fish be cut, each nigiri formed, and each dish delicately assembled. Each individual component is not only intentional, but essential: from the flavours, to the plating, to the order in which they are served to you.

Treat yourself to fine dining for birthdays, anniversaries, or just because. We look forward to welcoming you and making sure your celebration is a memorable one.

We will accommodate requests and allergies to the best of our ability, but due to the nature of Omakase it may not always be viable. Please give us as much notice as possible so that we may be able to accommodate you.

Our ingredients

Our ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible. This ensures that your food is not only fresh, but also sustainable, and that each night is entirely unique and ephemeral.

Our Menu

Premium Omakase Course … 250 per person

An elevated take on classic Omakase using premium ingredients. Perfect for those with an advanced palate.

Our Chefs


Hiroshi Hoshiko

Hiroshi Hoshiko was trained in sushi making at Sushi Tora, located on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Since then, he has established himself as one of the foremost sushi chefs in Vancouver, working at famous fine dining restaurants, and serving as executive chef at Miku before opening luxury fine dining restaurant MAHANA. Hiroshi and his team are dedicated to providing the best Omakase sushi in Vancouver.

Instagram: @chefhiroshi


Rika “Ghinn” Ginnaga

Originally from Kyushu island, Chef Ghinn ran some of the famous multinational cuisine restaurants in Tokyo, before taking her expertise and creativity to Vancouver. Her culinary style is vibrant and expressive; she innovates with ingredients to invent entirely new experiences. Her singular approach to cooking is one of a kind.

Instagram: @chefghinn


MAHANA’s omakase sushi bar is situated in North Vancouver, minutes from the waterfront. MAHANA’s interior blends modern and classical Japanese design, staying true to traditions while constantly inventing. We aim to provide a unique, but true-to-life Japanese experience. We work with the Japanese “Omotenashi” in mind, meaning hospitality and mindfulness.

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